Connecting cannabis buyers and sellers in a safe, transparent & verified medium

CBX is a platform for the purchase and sale of raw materials and products delivered from hemp and cannabis
How CBX Works
Become a member
Complete your company profile and KYC. After CBX Compliance validation, your membership will activalited and you will have access to all features of the platform
Sell your Product
Provide all product information and document to create your product profile. after CBX product review, your product will be published with the CBX Certification level.
Apply for COA and Label
In the registration process, or for your registration product, you can request ISO 17025 Certificates of Analysis and subscribe to the Certified Control Cannabis for Safe Consumption label.
Trade a Product
Once a product is published, all active CBX members can send a trade request directly to the seller though the CBX Trade process.
CBX Certification Scales
Member certification

Product Certification

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