CBD Oil 10% - EU legal

Total THC: 0.00%
(0% [Delta9 THC] + 0% [THCa] x 0.87)

CBD oil/drops produced under strict EU/ES regulations with NO THC (under detection 0,005%). Our products are made in Czech republic according to the all EU regulations, so you can sell them freely all arround the EU. Bulk pack 1l is ready to fill, but be avare about the EU law - filling to 10ml bottles should be made under strict conditions in food grade facility. We're able to offer the whole pa... cking servis for your county plus the necessery registration, if needed! The price is for BULK pack We're using noGMO, pesticide/pests/hevay metal free extracts and components for our production! The oil used for dilution of the extract is 100% hemp seed oil, RAW, BIO and cold pressed, according to our strict quality control.


Used extraction -
Link to CBX product used for extraction -
Oil type -
Oil quality -
Cannabinoids Values
CBD 9.50 %
Solvents Values
Heavy Metals Values
Pesticids Values
Terpenes Values
Mycotoxins Values
Microbials Values

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Country Czech Republic
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Shipping delay (in days) 2
Available Quantity 100.00
Pickup Available No
Sample Available No
Production Date
Country of Production Czech Republic