CBD Broad Spectrum Distillate 85 %

Total THC: 0.00%
(0% [Delta9 THC] + 0% [THCa] x 0.87)

Broad-spectrum distillate is a highly refined, high-potency raw material containing 80%+ CBD along with minor cannabinoids sand it is valued because the broad spectrum of cannabinoids has an entourage effect— increases the overall efficacy of any one individual cannabinoid. Broad spectrum has no traces of THC, which is removed during the extraction process. Broad spectrum CBD contains all terpenes... , cannabinoids, flavonoids, and fatty acids found in hemp, which can have a therapeutic value of their own. Our premium CBD distillate is sourced from quality organic hemp biomass with legally less than 0.2% THC content. We make use of Ethanol (EtOH) extraction, which is recognized as GRAS by the FDA, and safe for human consumption. We are equipped to extract pure CBD distillate oil from biomass alongside other essential cannabinoids such as CBC, CBG, CBL, CBN, and CBE. Our advanced extraction methods allow us to boost minor cannabinoids to any specific potency, as desired by the customer. This means that we can tailor your CBD distillate products according to your unique needs and specifications. We offer the best CBD distillate distribution in the industry, with potency up to 90% CBD purity. All products are 3rd party tested while simultaneously undergoing rigorous internal tests for quality, purity, consistency. High-quality organic biomass and cutting-edge EtOH extraction processes ensure that our CBD distillates are free of heavy metals, toxins, pesticides, and other contaminants.

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Extraction method -
Extraction type -
Cannabinoids Values
CBD 85.00 %
CBG 0.50 %
CBN 0.40 %
CBC 0.50 %
Solvents Values
Heavy Metals Values
Pesticids Values
Terpenes Values
Mycotoxins Values
Microbials Values
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Country Lithuania
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Shipping delay (in days) 2
Available Quantity 100.00
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Production Date 01-Apr-2021
Country of Production Lithuania