20 Ton Press Machine - Hydraulic and neumatic

Total THC: 0.00%
(0% [Delta9 THC] + 0% [THCa] x 0.87)

We make custom artisan presses from 4 tons to 20 tons. The press has 2 functions, it is used to make 100 gram bricks using pollen, resin or flowers; and another function to use a rosin extraction kit and be able to place the 2 aluminum heating plates up and down. It admits a capacity of 4 to 6 molds of 100gr. It is shipped from Spain to all of Europe. For more information and questions, you ... can send us a message through a purchase request. This offer includes: - Principal structure - 2 in 1 hydraulic jack (air and manual pressure) - 2x Platforms for the molds - Springs, closures and threaded rods for the installation of the platforms - Metal plate to place the aluminum base for the rosin kit - Profile in i to place the upper plate of the rosin kit - Aluminum bottom plate springs for rosin kit -´4 complete molds of 100gr capacity *** AIR COMPRESSOR OR ROSIN KIT NOT INCLUDED (offered separately) ******* PRICE: 950€ + SHIPPING

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Country Spain
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Production Date 01-Jul-2021
Country of Production Spain