GMP CBD Flowform Distillate **HUGE Spectrum 89%** FSA / EFSA Validated - ISO 9001:2015

Total THC: 0.00%
(0% [Delta9 THC] + 0% [THCa] x 0.87)

Flowform Distillate with a HUGE Cannabinoid Spectrum, Must See Product! THC Free from USA GMP Lab 52% CBD 14% CBG 3% CBDV 7.5% CBE 11.5% Other Cannabinoid 0.12 Delta 9 THC 89.5% Total Cannabinoids Honey like free flowing consistency All stock is held at our warehouse & can be collected in person. *FSA & EFSA Validated for foods *GMP Certified 21 CFR part 111 & 117 ... *ISO 9001:2015 accredited laboratory *Natural Terpenes *Extracted from Hemp *Distilled Purified *THC Free *3rd party lab tested, full analyses supplied on purchase *Imported from USA, No import duty tax or risk of seizure We are one of the biggest extract wholesalers in the UK & are the biggest retailer of CBD products online in the UK with over 10,000 customer reviews

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Cannabinoids Values
CBD 49.00 %
CBG 8.00 %
Solvents Values
Heavy Metals Values
Pesticids Values
Terpenes Values
Mycotoxins Values
Microbials Values
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Country United Kingdom
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