Kompolti certified seeds (1 kg packages)

Total THC: 0.05%
(0.05% [Delta9 THC] + 0% [THCa] x 0.87)

Together with seeds you get batch certificate, where you can find the germination percentage and other information. 1 kg=~50000-60000 seeds. For not EU countries, we can organize phytosanitary certificate price is 30 € . Minimum order 1 kilo is possible 1kg - 100 EUR 3 kg or more we can discuss

Cannabinoids Values
CBD 2.50 %
Delta-9 THC 0.05 %
Solvents Values
Heavy Metals Values
Pesticids Values
Terpenes Values
Mycotoxins Values
Microbials Values

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Country Lithuania
Available From 26-Oct-2022
Shipping delay (in days) 0
Available Quantity 100.00
Pickup Available Yes
Sample Available No
Production Date 26-Oct-2022
Country of Production Hungary